Faculty & Student Board

A little bit about the board…

President: Emily Nettesheim. I’m a senior studying Molecular Biology and Anthropology at UW-Madison, pursuing a certificate in Archaeology as well. I have an interest in research that combines these two fields to help tell a more well-rounded story of the past than either field can tell separately.  The coolest place I’ve ever been is Swartkrans Cave in South Africa, where I excavated for a month during Summer 2016 and got to eat dinner with wildabeests and ostriches right outside my window.

Vice President: Lauren Lehmann. I’m a senior at UW Madison studying Biochemistry and Mathematics.  My research interests include plant genomics, evolutionary biology, and computational biology.  The coolest place I’ve been  is Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, home to the cliff dwellings of the Ancestral Puebloans and one of the largest archaeological sites in the US. 

Secretary: Jenni Lien. I’m a sophomore studying Anthropology with a certificate in Archaeology. My interests include paleoanthropology, colonial America, and museum studies. The coolest place I have been is Dubois, Wyoming, where I excavated Temnospondyls from the Jurassic Period in Summer 2016.

Faculty Adviser: William Aylward. A Professor of Classics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; He earned a Ph.D. in classical archaeology from the Classics Department at the University of Cincinnati in 2000. His research interests include archaeological science, ancient Greek and Roman architecture and technology, cities and sanctuaries of Asia Minor, Troy and the Trojan War, and the Graeco-Roman frontier city of Zeugma on the Euphrates River. A three-volume set of final reports on rescue excavations at Zeugma, which he edited for the Packard Humanities Institute, appeared in 2013 (zeugma.packhum.org). He also participated in the annual expedition to Troy with the Universities of Tübingen and Cincinnati between 1996 and 2012.


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