News and Events

Check in here for all the latest news from the club including meeting times, socials, and project updates!

Notes for Spring 2016:

  • The Student Org Fair will be at the Kohl Center on February 1st from 5-8pm. Come visit us!
  • Join us for Kickoff on Wednesday, February 8th  at 6pm in MAG Lab, Biotechnology Center 3130!!
  • Schedule of meetings: TBA, all will be 6pm on Wednesdays


Notes for Fall 2016:

  • The Student Org Fair will be in the Kohl Center on September 14th  and 15th this year from 5-8, come stop by our table!
  • Join us for our Kickoff Meeting on Wednesday, September 21st at 6pm in the Biotechnology Center in room 3130. If you come in the doors on Henry Mall and take the elevators to the 3rd floor, the lab is around the corner to the left.
  • Meetings: 6pm in MAG Lab
    • 10/5- Ted Talks
    • 10/19- Experimental Archaeology
    • 11/2- Meet a Professor
    • 11/16- Workshop
    • 12/9- Attend Lecture on sequencing the Neanderthal genome * (Wi Historical Society Lecture Hall, 3:30pm)




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