What we’ve been reading….

All articles will be emailed out by the President as pdf, but are also available via MadCat/Library System to UW Students

Spring 2016:


Fall 2016:

Articles for 10/5 Meeting:

Pathways to de-extinction: how close can we get to resurrection of an extinct species? (Beth Shapiro)

Mammoth 2.0: will genome engineering resurrect extinct species? (Beth Shapiro)

Prep for Experimental Archaeology meeting:

The Tuscarora Tied Their World Together

Article for 11/16 Meeting

From ground surveying to 3D laser scanner: A review
of techniques used for spatial documentation of historic sites (Naif Adel Haddad)

12/9 Lecture:

Please register here for the lecture: http://go.wisc.edu/5elz74

Spring 2016:

Article for April 6, 2016 Meeting (Dr. Pepperell):

          The Role of Selection in Shaping Diversity of Natural M. tuberculosis Populations





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